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The term for news, gossip, fun, enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland and West Cumbria, meaning what’s happening?


The word has great cultural currency and significance in Northern Ireland and at Finnebrogue Artisan in particular, where we love to share what’s going on, in and around the estate.


A Northern Ireland meat company famous for its gourmet sausages is going vegan, it has announced. Finnebrogue Artisan in Downpatrick...

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60,000 Brits who quit bacon now enjoying it thanks to healthier Naked Bacon

OVER 60,000 Brits who quit bacon after warnings from health experts have returned to the food – after The Sun...

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First cancer, now eating bacon ‘increases your risk of manic episodes’

Gorging on bacon, hot dogs and other processed meat could leave you unable to sleep. It also increases the risk of hyperactivity and...

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Yes, bacon really is killing us

There is a lot of “nitrate-free bacon” on the’s made with nitrates taken from celery extract, which may be...

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5 of the best healthy bacon

The Daily Mail has shortlisted Naked Bacon as one of the best healthy bacon products on the market.

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Meet Denis: the man saving our bacon

Let me introduce the new Bacon Crusader. He doesn’t have a cape, but Denis Lynn, deer farmer and founder of...

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Denis Lynn discusses Naked Bacon on Sky News

Watch Finnebrogue's chairman, Denis Lynn, discuss Naked Bacon on Sky News.

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Naked Bacon tasted on ITV’s Good Morning Britain

Watch Naked Bacon being tasted by the presenting team on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

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Naked Bacon tasted on Sky News

Watch Naked Bacon being tasted live on Sky News, with comment from Professor Chris Elliott, Chair of the Institute For...

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