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The term for news, gossip, fun, enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland and West Cumbria, meaning what’s happening?


The word has great cultural currency and significance in Northern Ireland and at Finnebrogue Artisan in particular, where we love to share what’s going on, in and around the estate.

The ‘absolutely gorgeous’ Naked Bacon on TalkRadio

Listen to Finnebrogue's Chairman, Denis Lynn, discuss the 'absolutely gorgeous' Naked Bacon on TalkRadio.

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Food experts hail new kind of bacon

Food experts have welcomed a major breakthrough in the British fry-up after scientists developed a new technique to reduce the...

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Nitrite-free rashers to hit British supermarkets

Bacon that is said to be free of nitrites, preservatives, E numbers and allergens will soon appear on supermarket shelves...

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Healthier fry-ups on table

Britain’s fry-ups are to become healthier following a scientific breakthrough which has cut the cancer risk of bacon. For the...

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That’s saved our bacon

BRITAIN’S bacon has been saved thanks to revolutionary rashers that are free of cancer-causing chemicals. From the New Year bacon...

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Nitrite-free bacon launches in major British breakthrough for food safety

Cancer risk from eating bacon slashed in biggest revolution to the British breakfast for a generation  UK’s top food scientist...

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